As the vision above reflects, no company will be able to fulfill the Smart Hospital requirements on its own; rather the success is to be found in new ways of co-operation between industry partners and health care providers. For this purpose, EEG launches the EEG Smart Hospital Ecosystem initiative, (abreviated ESHE).  ESHE aims to bring together experienced healthcare industry providers with the Smart Hospital building blocks in their portfolio.  Within an environment of trust, participants can search for new value through co-creation initiatives and leveraging on each others strengths.   


Discover our perfect synergy

EEG Group

Technology supporting life

The EEG Group designs and realizes the progressive technology in smart buildings with care. We engineer, create and integrate the most innovative technologies in HVAC, electrical distribution, medical infrastructure, network technologies and automation. Building on the expertise of our employees, we create a comfortable and responsive environment in private and public construction projects.

  • concept engineering
  • Specialized health & care techniques
  • Long term partnerships


Specialist in hospital furniture

We develop and manufacture comfortable, elegant and durable furniture for hospitals, nursing homes, and care centers. By creating integrated solutions that work for patients, nursing staff and team leaders we never lose sight of the bigger picture.

  • Haelvoet Connect Solutions
  • Focus on quality and ergonomics
  • Long term customer relationship & lifetime support
  • "Makers" DNA of Haelvoet (creating & manufacturing)


Engineering Masterminds

Unmatched means there's no-one quite like us! Our vision goes beyond the here and now, we are creating the future. We work exclusively towards the future, as what we know today will be outdated by tomorrow. As developers, we therefore create crucial hardware and software solutions that you didn't even know existed.

  • Our modular structure combines visual, sensory and other alarm elements with a consistent communication platform.
  • Realtime information keeps the user constantly up to date. 
  • The automatic and immediate analysis processes alarms and notifications optimally within your organization.
  • The user friendly interface increases the healthcare providers' reaction speed and minimizes human errors.


Energy management and automation …

Schneider Electric helps hospitals thrive at every level – from the emergency room to the executive suite – with its IoT-enabled EcoStruxure for Healthcare architecture.
Designed to deliver improved safety, patients’ satisfaction, and operational efficiency, EcoStruxure™ for Healthcare is the IoT solution architecture for digital hospitals of the future.



Hysopt is unique design software that helps building managers get the most out of their heating and cooling systems. In collaboration with installation companies and engineering firms, we can cut your annual energy bill by 10 to 50%. You can also count on lower maintenance costs and improved comfort, quality and sustainability.




Smart(er) building management

At Spacewell, we are focused on making building management smarter and creating a better occupant experience through integrating IWMS and the Internet of Things. Our Smart Building platform COBUNDU™ is recognized as the first complete, turn-key software solution for implementing a Smart Building and connects to most popular sensor technology. By leveraging real-time IoT sensor data, facility managers can monitor and improve comfort and space, provide real-time assistance to building users and deliver more effective, activity-based services.

Only digital health can bring healthcare into the 21st century and make patients the point-of-care. We prepare everyone in healthcare for the adoption of innovative, disruptive and smart technologies while keeping the human touch.

Dr. Bertalan Meskó
The Medical Futurist


11/ 09 / 2019 - 13 / 09 / 2019

Technology will have an even greater impact in the near future on the preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities of medicine and healthcare. Modern medicine is increasingly becoming 'evidence based'. The more and more genetic and clinical parameters become identifiable and measurable, the more we are confronted with an abundance of medical data. The only way to make progress is to innovate in health care. How you do that? What are tricks and pitfalls for a succesfull innovation strategy?

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