The Patient Bed Of The Future

The Patient Bed Of The Future is a synergy of the LynX(r)alarm- and communication platform made by Unmatched and the Haelvoet Connect Solutions. It has the unique ability to increase the caregivers' efficiency, to create safer and more responsive environments for patients and to streamline the logistic procedures. As a consequence, the bed will become the heart of the healthcare environment of the future.

Key advantages for your healthcare infrastructure

  • Nurse call throughout the entire infrastructure
  • Empowerment of the patient
  • Safety protocols secured by technology
  • Real time patient monitoring
  • Quick localization of the bed for patients or cleaning 
  • Predictive maintenance increases bed occupation
  • Integrated information system improves strategic decision making
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Integrated sensors support affordable, durable and hygienic products

Increased efficiency

The efficiency of the healthcare organization is increased thanks to 4 core applications. Firstly, the bed tracking application localizes the whereabouts of the bed and the patient.

In addition, The Patient Bed Of The Future is equipped with an integrated alarm button which communicates automatically with the nearest care provider in case of an emergency.

Thirdly the room automation application creates the possibility for patients to turn the lights on/off, close/open the blinds,… without leaving the comfort of the bed.

Moreover the integrated scale weighs the patient while he/she remains in bed. These four features decrease response times, counteract alarm fatigue and increase the healthcare providers’ efficiency.

Improved Safety

thanks to Haelvoet Connect Solutions

Monitoring and improving the safety of the patient is the main objective within the hospital environment. To improve the patient safety, out-of-bed detection registers if the patient leaves his bed.

Secondly, the bed gives a signal when its mattress platform is in the safe horizontal sleep position and when the brakes on the castors are activated.

Furthermore the position of the sideguards is being monitored. These features improve the safety of the patient by automatically and continuously monitoring the situation.

The control panel on the bed can be provided with several buttons:

  • Nurse call
  • Service call
  • Switching the lights on / off
  • Controlling the blinds


Optimized Logistics

Logistics is known as a bottleneck within the healthcare environment which costs a lot of money and time. Thanks to the automatic identification and localization of The Patient Bed Of The Future, this is a problem of the past.

Beds can be localized down to the specific room. The registration of equipment status counteracts abundant routine controls and allows to immediately alarm the healthcare provider in case of a malfunction. Lastly the automatic status detection indicates if the bed is occupied or ready to be used. As a consequence this eliminates the need for manual status control and saves a lot of time.

The LynX® Tracker

This wireless device is attached to the bed and supports all applications from bed tracking and localization to out-of-bed detection, status detection and equipment status registration. If the bed is moved to another location, the LynX® Tracker instantly updates the nursing staff with the new location.

The LynX® Remote

Secondly the LynX® Remote supports the nurse call and room automation. This wireless device has three buttons, one of which is an alarm button.  In case of an emergency, this button will alarm the healthcare provider closest to the real-time  location of the bed. The other two buttons are freely definable and make it possible for the LynX® Remote to connect with the desired devices (blinds, lighting) in its proximity.

In addition the device is equipped with a speaker which improves inventory tracking. For example, the speaker produces sound when it loses connection with the LynX® Tracker to make sure that products don’t get misplaced or lost. The node also alerts the nursing staff when there is a low battery percentage.

Haelvoet Connect Solutions

The Haelvoet beds are equipped with sensors that are seamlessly integrated thanks to the Haelvoet Connect Solutions.

  • These sensors detect when the patient is leaving the bed (out-of-bed detection), helping to prevent falls and wandering.
  • Secondly the Haelvoet Connect Solutions are also able to let the nursing staff know at a glance whether the bed is in a safe position or not.

These integration of sensors is available on all types of Haelvoet beds, both in hospital and care environments, and tailored to each department (with different needs and budgets). The plug-and-play installation method ensures a quick and easy implementation.

Reduce operational costs and improve workflow through real-time, accurate and automated inventory management thanks to The Patient Bed Of The Future?