Transforming BMS sensors to IoT datastream

Sensors are an essential building block of any intelligent building system, whether it is a dynamic light control system, a fire alarm system or a building automation system.  As a result, many existing buildings are equipped with thousands of sensors which can be a valuable data source to numerous operational processes in and around the building.

However, getting access to the valuable sensor data in building systems has always been a struggle as these systems are often not designed or set up to share (real-time) sensor data externally.


Building-IQ developed a solution to unlock building systems data to 3rd party business software in a manageable way.  Using state of the art IoT cloud technology, sensor data can now be streamed to any 3rd party software with very limited engineering & integration effort.


Spacewell is the first business application vendor supporting this architecture.  Together with Building-IQ, Spacewell data scientists connected the Cobundu platform to the IoT data stream from the AZ Maria Middelares hospital in Gent.  As such, motion detectors, initially intended to dynamically switch on/off the lights, now deliver valuable data to Spacewell Transform and enable among other things thousands of euros of savings for the cleaning services in the hospital. 


The cooperation between Spacewell and Building-IQ has been essential to validate the technical concept as well as the business potential behind this idea.  Other similar applications and benefits are now being investigated by both companies.